Our Hardware Choices

Here is the variety of our hardware to give you a better idea of what to choose based on your needs!
Alligator Clips with Teeth:
Most ordered clip by far! Great grip and perfect for all hair types!
Double Prong Clip:
Second popular clip, also a great grip and good for most hair types!
Single Prong Clip:
Perfect for smaller bows and piggies sets! Mostly purchased for wispy hairs and to pull bangs back!
All clip styles are 45mm. 
Made in house, we carry over two dozen colors of nylon!
Perfect for small babies or toddlers with little to no hair. Stretchy and soft enough to be used by everyone, including adults! If you're worried about sensitive heads, we also offer felt protection barriers for all glitter bows chosen on nylon!
Interchangeable bands are also available (sold separately), with a fabric loop on the band to clip bows in already made of clips! This way you can choose bows always on clips, and there will be no need for an upgrade as they children get older!
Elastic Hair Ties are great for pony tails and those precious piggies! Can be added to most style bows!
These are our four snap clip sizes: 40mm, 50mm, 70mm (medium), and 90mm (jumbo). These clips are generally offered already covered in our various fabrics before purchase!
We offer double sides velcro for children in cranial helmets, or other projects! We send you the pieces, and you choose where you would like to stick the adhesives to work with your needs!
Although these are not a selection in our listings, you are always welcome to request any bows on our keychains! We will match the colors to the best of our ability! Just choose the default (nylon) on the listing, and leave us a message in the note section of your cart. Just let us know you would like a keychain instead!