Our frequently Asked Questions!

If you need further assistance, you're welcome to email is at blushingpeachco@gmail.com!

How long is your order processing?

Due to the handmade nature of our products, we make most products as they are ordered. We generally keep a processing time of 7-10 business days (Monday-Friday, no weekends included). We work hard to to keep the number of days wait as low as possible, so most times you'll see 3-5 business days. We update the website and all social media if we expect longer times due to volume of orders. 

What about Pre-Orders?

Though rare, we may offer pre orders for products from time to time. The processing times for those can vary, but an average of 2-4 weeks, excluding shipping times.  

How long is Shipping/Handling?

Based on weight, most of our products are sent via First Class Shipping with USPS. Orders over 1lb, are sent Priority. After a package has left our hands and is at the post office, there is an additional average time of 3-7 days for them to deliver it to your home/business. We are not responsible for delays that occur with travel.

If a package is not moving or considered "lost", please message us with all details and we will do the best to help. If a product is "delivered" but lost, we will try our best to replace or give a credit to the website for the products value so you can repurchase. Must show proof of police report for a possible stolen package before we can move forward. Priority shipping does contain insurance protection for damaged goods (not lost or stolen), in the event a package is damaged. If you would like to upgrade for this option, please let us know!

Refund /Exchange Policy:

Most products we carry are accessories to be worn in hair, ears or around heads. Due to hygienic reasons, we do not accept returns/exchanges. If there is an issue with a product such as damage or missing items, you are welcome to email us and will will resolve that issue to the best of our ability!

How often are new products released?

Most collections are released every 2 weeks, but some months you may see new products weekly! We update all of our social media outlets of new upcoming products and sales! We also carry monthly subscriptions!

Can you tell me the difference in the hardware options for bows?

I have outlined a section called "Our Hardware Choices" where I provide photos and descriptions of all the options available!

Can we choose the "Mystery Sets"?

Short answer, no. This is because we are offering a discounted rate for those sets, and material options may not be available. We do our best to provide an amazing variety!

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! I offer handmade bow strips and accessories in out Etsy shop of the same name, Blushing Peach Co!

What's the common materials used?

We offer a variety of fabrics including soft stretchy knits and nylons, shed free glitters, vegan leather, dyed genuine leathers, and allergen free nickel free hardware!